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2014-12-21 04:59 pm
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Hugging: Sure! Hugs are awesome!
Kissing: Yup
Flirting: Yes, but he'll likely freak out and flail.
Fighting: Yes.
Injuring: Yes.
Killing: Discuss it with me first!
Telepathy/Mind-reading: Sure! Fair warning, he's got some nasty memories, and remnants of being possessed by a nogitsune.

Backtagging/Slow threading: Yes.
Threadjumping: Ask first, please.
Fourth-walling: no thanks!
Sensitive subjects: None

Sexuality: Bisexual
Preferred fandom ships: Void, Scott, Peter, Derek
Fandom ships I will play: Malia, Lydia, Danny, Fandom OC's as long as there's buildup/chemistry
Fandom ships I'm uninterested in: Sheriff, Jackson, Melissa, Agent Douchebag
Non-fandom ships: Pretty much anything, as long as there is chemistry!